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15 Feb 2011 Related: Learn about baseball players who have won Medal of Freedom that Musial was the first baseball player to make $100000 a-year.
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He thinks that if Albert leaves, he's going to have to start all over with all Musial was the first player in baseball history to make $100000 a season.
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Major League Baseball contracts have guaranteed money, so player makes his first $100000 (and more) the moment he's signed a contract and passed the
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13 Mar 2010 Should Sports Stars avoid mixing business with pleasure? Curt Flood was the first player to actively challenge the reserve clause. The average salary for a professional baseball player in 2008 was $2.93 million. large price to make professional sports the national passion they are today.
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Here are some Major League Baseball salary firsts . The first player to earn a with the Pittsburgh Pirates, was the first to make $100000 a year in 1947.
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Hank Greenberg was the first professional baseball player to make $100000 . The salary escalation isn't just in baseball . English soccer superstar
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5 Feb 2006 I'm sure when he became the first black man to play Major League Baseball , striking a blow for going 22-3 in 1951 and was a five-time All Star . Joe " as it made him the first player to make $100000 for a season,
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2 Oct 2009 Who was the first baseball player to make 100k salary? of the Pittsburgh Pirates signed the first $100000 contract on 01-18-1947.
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23 Jan 1990 Will Clark jumped to the top of baseball's salary list today when he agreed Francisco Giants that calls for the first $4 million salary in baseball . can make $100000 if he is named the National League's most valuable playoffs or the World Series and $25000 for making the All- Star team.
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11 Jul 2010 Is the only athlete to play in baseball's All- Star Game and the NFL's Pro Now he is back to throw out the ceremonial first pitch Monday for the "We needed something, and I wanted Bo to make things happen," La Russa says. .... to snap you and you hire a lawyer and try to get $100000 from me.
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In fact, make sure you go deep into the playoffs in the first few years. Instead of making $17.5 million over seven years he will make $100000 over If you cannot get an All- Star or top prospect with a player for player trade,
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24 Jan 2011 The current astronomical salaries of MLB (Major League Baseball ) players was the first MLB player to make $100000 in a season (1947).
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First baseball player to receive a salary of $50000 a year: Babe Ruth First baseball player to make $100000 a year: Hank Greenberg Basketball (2006 NBA Statistics) · Basketball (2007 NBA Statistics) · Basketball (All Star Game)
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Who was the first baseball star to make $100000 per year?
17 Apr 2010 Hank Greenberg was the first MLB player to be paid a salary of $100000 dollars. Effective date: January 18, 1947, the signing of his contract.